We’re kissing and telling.
We’re calling it: Lip selfies are the latest way to leave your mark in social media. For beauty lovers around the globe, it’s the opportunity to showcase not only the range of your impressive lipstick collections, but also your mad artistry skills. So, if you’re inspired to up your lip-selfie game, below we’ve created top pointers to make sure your mouth keeps the double taps coming. KELLEY HOFFMAN
BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS Your mouth should be the focal point of the photo. Make sure there’s no messy or distracting colors or textures in your background. Check to make sure that you’re not awkwardly cropping part of your nose or chin. If your hands are in the photo, make sure your nails are neatly manicured. Your lips should pop!
ANGLES ARE EVERYTHING If you want to include your full face in the picture, make sure to put your chin down, eyes up, and hold the camera above yourself. Holding the camera from below risks running into double-chin territory. However, if you want to include only your mouth in the shot, hold the camera straight out in front of your lips for a nicely centered shot.
IT’S IN THE DETAILS Here’s a tip to steal from fashion models: When taking the shot, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It will help define your jawline. Also, if you’re doing a tight shot of just your lips, be aware that lip creases can sometimes look a little off-putting. These might particularly appear on a matte lip, so add a touch of balm before photographing to soften the look. And not to state the obvious, but make sure your lipstick application is clean and crisp.
SET THE MOOD A little smile never hurt anyone—but think optimistic, not ecstatic. Eye contact is important if you’re including your eyes in the photo; it helps make a connection with the viewer. Props can help—hold your dog or a colorful ice pop for storytelling (and extra likes).
LET YOUR CREATIVITY SHINE A lip selfie doesn’t have to be a literal photo of your lips. It can be a colorful kiss on a cocktail napkin, mug, or your boyfriend’s cheek. You can have a friend take a photo of you holding your smartphone (displaying a photo of your lips) over your mouth for an extra-exaggerated image.  Most importantly: Have fun!
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