The latest in the battle of the blemish.
Some of us—most of us—get a zit every now and then. But if you always have four or five dotting your face, it’s a different story. You’re waging a never-ending war and spot treatments aren’t going to cut it (or clear it). From the frontlines of the acne fight, we round up some of the most innovative treatments this side of the counter. Welcome to your new acne arsenal; welcome to imminent victory. MELISSA LANE
AT THE FOREFRONT OF STRENGTHPRODUCT: Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel ADVANTAGE: Compares to prescription-strength treatments Make it a quadruple. With the brand’s four-in-one salicylic acid Clearing Complex, this powerful gel is concocted to work as if it were prescribed. Consider it a one-step treatment without stepping into the dermatologist’s office. 
AT THE FOREFRONT OF SPEEDPRODUCT: Murad Acne Clearing Solution ADVANTAGE: Works in as quickly as 72 hours In a study of this fast-acting solution, 96% of users reported clearer skin in 72 hours. The blend of salicylic acid, queen of meadow extract, tea tree oil, and vitamins not only clears complexions quickly—and without redness—it also gets at the underlying causes of acne to stop it before it starts.  
AT THE FOREFRONT OF HYDRATIONPRODUCT: Kate Somerville HydraClear Hydrating Acne Gel ADVANTAGE: Delivers oil-free hydration Acne treatments can be a nightmare for dry skin. With a combination of bio-derived hyaluronic acid and red algae, this gel goes to work on breakouts and would-be breakouts with a dose of oil-free moisturizing that mercifully doesn’t clog pores. Have skin that’s sensitive or oily? You’re in luck, it soothes irritation and controls shine, too.
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