They say it’s better to give than to receive, but we say…why not do both? This Mother’s Day, gift the number one lady in your life something you can share. Maybe this way you’ll be less inclined to swipe stuff from her makeup bag when you think she’s not looking. KELLEY HOFFMAN & BECKY PEDERSON
If you and your mom are best friends…
beautyblender Best Friends
These heart-cased sponge applicators are the new matching friendship bracelets. Break this case in two and give one to your ma. It’s the next best thing to trading beauty secrets.
If you and your mom are like night and day…
Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Gloss Collection — Nudes And Brights
You may be nothing alike, but you’re still cut from the same cloth. Split this collection in half—the more subdued personality can take the neutrals, while the brights are for the more outrageous.
If you and your mom are inseparable…
L’Occitane The Secret To Beautiful Hands Set
Especially perfect if you still share a bathroom, performing this beauty ritual is more fun when you’re giggling with your partner in crime. Rumor has it you get better gossip when your hands are hydrated.
If you’ve got a bunch of moms…
Formula X The Twenty-Two
Maybe you’re lucky enough to have more than one mom in your life. Pass a polish or two to every lovely lady you know, and then set a standing manicure date.
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