Today, check out The Sephora Glossy’s list of exemplary, tried-and-true eye palettes people can’t stop wearing…or talking about. Unsure which palette is right for you? Take our simple (unscientific) quiz to find your match. BECKY PEDERSON


	1. Do you like chic palettes that make your eyes look runway model-esque, even when you’re just walking to the corner store to buy milk? If you answered yes, you are…Marc Jacobs Beauty – Style Eye-Con No.7! What this is: Seven-shadow palettes in four different sets, all with pigment-loaded mattes, sheens, and metallics.
	bunnigirl, Beauty Insider: “Each eye shadow is a little different in texture, just pigmented enough to be subtle, and oh-so buildable for a more dramatic look. I’m ruined for all other eye shadows.”

	2. Do you have eyes that take on a shape of some sort, be it round, or hooded, or any other kind of variety? If you answered yes, you are…Smashbox Full Exposure Palette! What this is: 14 universally flattering neutrals with how-to-apply guides for six different eye shapes.
	laylamua: “I love this because it is so versatile. It’s like getting 28 colors instead of 14 because each shade is completely different when dampened.”

	3. Do you have a skin tone that falls somewhere between very, very light and very, very dark? If you answered yes, you are…Urban Decay Naked3! What this is: 12 rose-hued neutrals in matte, pearl, and metallic finishes.
	CCVP, Beauty Insider: “I’ve seen this palette used on skin tones of all types and honestly think it looks beautiful on everyone.”

	4. Do you like looking flawless from day to night and have a bit of a sweet tooth? If you answered yes, you are…Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette! What this is: 16 shades of browns, colors, and neutrals made with real cocoa powder.
	macademia, VIB Rouge: “This is absolutely the best neutral palette with a colorful twist.”



              Smashbox / Full Exposure Palette$49.00
              Urban Decay / Naked3$52.00
              Too Faced / The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette$49.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Style Eye-Con Shadow$59.00
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