Nail artist Mia Rubie created a nail look based on our Giftopia packaging that is a marvel of detail and color. “As soon as I saw the artwork, I couldn’t wait to start designing,” she recounts. “It’s such a fresh, fun, and modern take on packaging for the holidays. Geometric shapes are my favorite and the colors just work together so well.” We caught up with Rubie for a few tips on creating mini-masterpieces. MELISSA LANE

	“Use opaque colors that contrast enough with one another to really pop,” advises Rubie. “Sheer shades just don’t work very well for layering. You want each layer to have a defined edge. I like sharp lines and shapes layered over each other for this purpose.”

	“I use a thin liner brush and try to create my stripes in one fluid movement. If I stop mid-stroke, it will turn out crooked. You kind of just have to trust yourself and go for it after awhile! Make sure you saturate your brush with enough paint, but not so much that it drips. It also helps to rotate the finger you are painting as you glide your brush downward or across the nail.”

	“I start by painting the outline of a circle very lightly, one half at a time and then connecting the two. Once I have the outline, I fill it in with paint.”

	“I honestly love it. It’s highly pigmented with a super smooth application and glassy finish, even before the topcoat is applied. The color range is amazing as well. I’m obsessed with Extraordinary, a cool grey, and Evocative, a perfect nude. The packaging is cool. The bottles look great on my wall of nail polish.”



              Formula X / New Classics in Pyrotechnic$10.50
              Formula X / New Classics in Intensity$10.50
              Formula X / New Classics in Continuum$10.50
              Formula X / New Classics in Prism$10.50
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