We’re a fan of all things hybrid: gas-electric cars, lip gloss-stains, makeup-skincare CC creams—so we’re practically salivating over the new NARS Eye Paints, a dual-purpose shadow and liner. “They are hyper-saturated, high-fashion pigments with a silky, smooth texture,” NARS International Lead Makeup Stylist Uzo says. “The weightless gel formula allows for more multiple eye paints to be used together in a single application without caking or flaking.” Here, we get the scoop on Uzo’s favorite ways to slick, swipe, and smooth on our new favorite hybrids. RENEE TRILIVAS

	ESSENTIAL LINER: Using an eyeliner brush, trace the upper lash lines with Eye Paint for a classically polished look. Uzo recommends keeping eye makeup remover handy to quickly dissolve mistakes—the long-wearing formula stays put for up to 18 hours.

	ALLOVER COLOR: Glide Eye Paints over the lids with your finger to create a soft, ethereal effect or press on color with a shadow brush to precisely deposit pigments.

	SCULPTED CREASES: Buff a neutral gray (like Transvaal) or brown shade seamlessly into the creases with a small contour brush to enhance the shape of eyes.  

	TWO-TONED COLOR: For an unexpected, double dose of color, spread one shade over lids, then define the upper and lower lash lines with another. (Uzo likes the turquoise Solomon Islands over lids paired with the shimmery purple Tatar as a liner).

	MODERN SHIMMER: Mix metals. Smooth gold Iskandar over lids, then layer on a light wash of Interstellar for an ethereal evening eye. Line upper and lower lash lines with Iskandar and add a tightline of Mesopotamia on upper lash lines.

	DARK AND STORMY: Create a glimmering, misty effect by blending Interstellar over a black-based Eye Paint like green-shimmer Snake Eyes, Tatar, or Ubangi. Finish by framing the eyes with the same deep hue on the upper lash lines.

	ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SMUDGE: Apply a dense slick of Black Valley liner along the upper and lower lash lines, wipe excess pigment off your brush, then sweep on a matching powder shadow with the same brush to create a smoldering finish.

	INKY LASHES: Try sweeping Black Valley or Mesopotamia over lashes for a rich alternative to traditional mascara.

	HIGHLIGHTED FRINGE: Add a flash of color to the tips of lashes by painting Solomon Islands, Interstellar, Transvaal, Mozambique, or Iskandar over mascara.

	BOLD BROWS: Fill in arches with a brown or black hue to beef up sparse brows. 


              NARS / Eye Paint in Snake Eyes$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Mesopotamia$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Ubangi$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Tatar$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Black Valley$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Iskandar$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Interstellar$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Transvaal$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Solomon Islands$25.00
              NARS / Eye Paint in Mozambique$25.00
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