This look reimagines the classic mod style. Read on for the steps from makeup artist and Marc Jacobs Beauty Product Consultant Diane Kendal.

	Prep skin with Genius Gel Foundation and Remedy Concealer using the Face I Liquid Foundation Brush. Follow with Brow Tamer.

	Apply Shade 1 from the Mod palette from lash line to eyebrow.

	With Magic Marc’er in Blacquer, trace a thick, exaggerated line across the upper lash line, creating a wing.

	Draw a faint second line through the crease with Highliner in Blacquer.

	Blend Shades 2 and 3 on top of the line, into the crease.

	Apply Lash Lifter to eyelashes.

	With the blush brush, apply Shameless in Reckless onto the apples of the cheeks.

	Finish with Lovemarc in Moody Margot.

	Paint nails with Enamored in Funny Girl.

              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Remedy Concealer Pen$38.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Brow Tamer Groomer Gel$24.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Magic Marc’er Precision Pen$30.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Gel Crayon in Blacquer$25.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Angled Blush Brush$38.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Lip Gel in Moody Margot$30.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Super-Charged Foundation$48.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Gel Volume Mascara$26.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Nail Lacquer in Funny Girl$18.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Eyeshadow in The Mod$42.00
              Marc Jacobs Beauty / Blush in Reckless$30.00
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