Five ways to fabulous eyebrows.
Sort of like the curly-girls-want-straight-hair, straight-haired-girls-want-curls paradigm, it seems everyone is their own arch rival when it comes to brows. Luckily, beauty brands have stepped up their game with new products that help shape, define, or beef up brows from every angle. HOLLY SIEGEL
1.) BECAUSE YOU WANT INSTANT GRATIFICATION TRY: BENEFIT COSMETICS GIMME BROW Brush on brows with this specialized wand. The gel formula includes fibers similar to those found in some lengthening mascaras to build on the hairs you have while grooming in one sweep.
2.) BECAUSE YOU WANT BROWS THAT STAY TRY: ANASTASIA BROW GENIUS KIT Play mixmaster with this kit designed for smudge-proof brows. Combine Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel with Brow Wiz Loose Powder to create your desired look—and set it in place.
3.) BECAUSE YOU WANT BROWS THAT DON’T STRAY TRY: MARC JACOBS BEAUTY BROW TAMER GROOMING GEL This one’s boy-tested, girl-approved. One of Marc’s personal favorites, Brow Tamer Grooming Gel is a clear formula that gives soft hold via a sleek brush.
4.) BECAUSE YOU’RE READY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP TRY: DIOR DIORSHOW BROW STYLER PENCIL Precision is the name of the game with this ultrafine brow pencil, which includes a spool brush on one end. The retractable pencil (no sharpener necessary) gives a polished but natural look, while the brush sweeps hair into place for perfect definition.
5.) BECAUSE YOU WANT IT ALL TRY: URBAN DECAY BROW BOX Sometimes you need a full-on toolbox. The Brow Box includes two shades of powder, a setting wax, mini tweezers, two mini angled brushes, and two mirrors—one of which magnifies. Custom-blend your shade, fill in spots, and tame strays, all with a pocket-sized kit.

Urban Decay / Brow Box$29.00

Dior / Diorshow Brow Pencil$29.00

Marc Jacobs Beauty / Brow Tamer Groomer Gel$24.00

Anastasia / Brow Genius Kit$24.00

Benefit Cosmetics / Gimme Brow$22.00
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