Talk about Time in a Bottle: the research for this dynamite product began a decade ago. “Philosophy always looks to inspire beauty that is visible on the outside—by improving your skin—as well as on the inside, by finding an emotional connection with our consumers,” says David Booth, the brand’s vice president of global marketing. “Our ambition with Time in a Bottle was to find a way to give time back to women, so that they could spend it on things that will enrich their lives, not waste it staring endlessly in the mirror wishing their skin looked different.” HOLLY SIEGEL

	THE BREAKTHROUGH “Our scientists reached a new understanding of the source of skin aging: our skin’s DNA. Prior to this, we were aware of the symptoms of skin aging—fine lines, enlarged pores, wrinkles, lack of firmness—but we never fully understood how this damage develops. New research was able to establish a direct—and, until now, missing—link between damage to skin’s DNA and collagen breakdown.”

	THE TWO-PARTER “We always seek to provide formulas at their peak of potency. Because the ingredients in Time in a Bottle are very sensitive, we chose to keep the two formulas separate until the consumer is ready to mix together. We call this ‘on-demand’ technology. It helps to ensure that the product the consumer is using is as active as possible.”

	THE DNA RENEWAL COMPLEX “Our DNA renewal complex is blend of four unique enzymes exclusive to Philosophy that work to help repair the function of skin’s DNA.”

	THE VITAMIN C8 ACTIVATOR “Vitamin C is the dermatological gold standard antioxidant. This vitamin C8 is a very new and modern form that enhances both stability and performance that works to help protect your DNA over time.” 

	THE SHAKE “Pour the vitamin C8 activator into the DNA renewal complex. Then, place the pump on the bottle and give it a shake. You can see through the window on the side of the bottle that the solution gradually turns a rosy pink color. This indicates that the product is fully mixed and ready to use.”

	THE USE “Use Time in a Bottle every morning after cleansing. Our clinical results are based on once-a-day use—but you might find the texture so addictive you’ll want to use it at night, too!”

	THE TIP “It’s only necessary to shake the product prior to first use—after that it stays mixed.”


              PHILOSOPHY / Time In A Bottle$74.00
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