To celebrate our 15th year, The Sephora Glossy editor Holly Siegel asked Kat Von D to remember hers.
Kat Von D is many things: entrepreneur, tattoo artist, illustrator, bestselling author, model. Sounds like if we met Kat back in her teen years, she’d have told us all that was coming.
Where were you when you were 15 and what were you doing? At the age of 15, I had one year of tattooing under my belt. I was deep in love for the first time, and traveling across the country on a bus with a backpack full of makeup, drawing paper and pencils, punk rock cassette tapes, and dreams—ready to conquer the world.
What was your beauty look like? Ultra ’80s-inspired, neon green cat eye with peach cheeks and neon orange lipstick. Truly, truly outrageous!
What was your favorite beauty product when you were 15? Ninety-nine cent brown lipstick I shoplifted from a drugstore.
What one product do you wish existed or that you knew about when you were 15? A bottle of stuff that heals heartbreak. I would have probably overdosed on it if I had discovered a product like that, but either way I’d be rich!
Do you remember the first time you set foot in a Sephora? What was your impression? Overwhelmed with joy. It was like walking into a candy store for adults!
What beauty advice would you give your 15-year-old self? Love.
Know any 15-year-olds now? What do they do with their beauty that you love? Nothing makes me happier than to witness a 15-year-old brave enough to express themselves, regardless of what’s “cool” nowadays. Those teens are my heroes.
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