A teenage Josie Maran was already a budding model and nature lover, but probably couldn’t have imagined how far either would take her. A nation addicted to Argan oil, a huge modeling career, and two beautiful daughters later, the Chief Eco Officer reflects on being 15.

	Where were you when you were 15 and what were you doing?
	I was living with my parents and my brother in Palo Alto, California, going to an all-girls’ school, and started modeling in San Francisco in my spare time.

	What was your beauty look like?
	Au natural, baby.

	What was your favorite beauty product when you were 15?
	An eyelash curler was my constant companion at age 15, and I still never leave home without one.

	What one product do you wish existed or that you knew about when you were 15?
	Argan oil!

	Do you remember the first time you set foot in a Sephora?
	I’ll never forget it. It was so exciting. It felt like a party waiting to happen. All that was missing was the balloons and cake.

	What beauty advice would you give your 15-year-old self?
	To remember to always feel beautiful—because that’s the best way to shine.

	Know any 15-year-olds now? What do they do with their beauty that you love?
	My neighbor’s daughter uses her fingers to dab lipstick onto her cheeks and eyes; she puts eye shadow on her cheeks. She doesn’t play by the rules!


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