Janet Pardo knows a thing or two about breakthrough products. In her decade at the helm of Clinique product development, she’s created such cosmetic bag musts as Chubby Sticks for Lips, Bottom Lash Mascara, and Even Better Makeup. But she refers to her latest skinnovation, Moisture Surge CC Cream, as “one of the hardest products I’ve ever worked on. It took a lot of testing, but we finally got it right!”

	So how does a wonder cream like this come to be? “Our consulting dermatologists, Drs. David and Catherine Orentreich, began reporting that as early as age 30, the tone of skin gradually begins to shift,” says Pardo, who meets with said derms every six weeks before their office hours (so essentially, at the crack of dawn!). “They told us that your skintone is affected by lots of things around you: pollution, amount of water, diet, level of stress. All those factors can cause it to actually change over time, to go more yellow, more red, or more ashy.”

	Enter the discovery of dual-layered CC Optics, which work on all skintones. “As a raw material, the optics are so pretty,” says Pardo. “They look white in the jar, but if you press it on the back of your hand with your fingertip, it’s the most beautiful lavender pink. It really makes skin come alive.”

	The search for a product to correct changes in tone coincided with news of a revolutionary skincare category from the other side of the world. “We saw on our travels to Asia that CC creams were coming, this on-the-go hybrid product that focuses on color correction.” To wit, Moisture Surge CC contains aloe and hyaluronic acid for hydration, plus vitamins C and E and gentle sunscreens to protect against environmental damage. Like many CCs, it can be worn alone or under foundation.

	Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Moisture Surge CC Cream is earning rave reviews for its light consistency and uncanny ability to seemingly blur away fine lines and imperfections. “It has a hydration component for natural luminosity,” explains Pardo. “Paired with the smart optics, which self-adjust to give your skin healthy-looking tone. It really helps transform the tonality of skin.” HOLLY SIEGEL


              CLINIQUE / Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30$35.00
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