Having taken a backseat since their respective heydays, lip liner, white eyeliner, pastel shadow, false lashes, and French manicures are staging a comeback. Not convinced? We used Take a Chance Day as an excuse to make our coworkers try to resurrect them. Sephora PRO Gilbert Soliz talks us through the new ways to wear these reformulated oldie-but-goodies. COMPILED BY SAM DEAN & LENA PARK

	LIP LINERTHEN: Chalky formulas—often in shades darker than the lips—were used to exaggerate shape and size.NOW: Today, lip liner is used to prevent color from moving or feathering or alone for long-lasting color.VERDICT: “I filled my lips in completely with this liner, and was surprised by how seamlessly and precisely it glided on. From the packaging, I expected a deep merlot shade, but when applied, it was softer, almost blurred. It made me feel intriguing, and a little Victorian.” – Ariella Gogol, Senior Beauty WriterMAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip in 14c

	THE FRENCH MANICURETHEN: Extra-long tips and squared edges looked fake and scary.NOW: French is back in a big way, but this time it’s a thinner line on shorter nails for a more natural and healthy look.VERDICT: “This clean French manicure goes with almost anything. I especially appreciate that it makes it easy to add a bit of subtle elegance to all of my looks.” – Susanna Situ, Graphic DesignerSEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour in Dear Diary, White Hot, and Top Coat

	FALSE LASHESTHEN: Over-the-top falsies were just for show(girls).NOW: False lashes come in all shapes and sizes, from natural to theatrical. And theatrical ones are considered just another evening accessory, like a sparkly clutch.VERDICT: “I always like to play up my eyes, but my little blonde lashes can only go so far. These give me the dramatic eyelashes I wish I were born with.” – Kimmianne Webster, ProofreaderSEPHORA COLLECTION Eyelashes in Celebrity

	WHITE EYELINERTHEN: Worn in cartoonish abundance on the eye’s bottom rims to brighten eyes.NOW: Just one coat lets the natural shade of the waterline peek through while still making eyes appear brighter.VERDICT: “After a particularly eventful Saturday night, white liner is absolutely my go-to for looking fresh the next day. Lightly dabbing the liner into the inner corners gives my naturally small eyes a wide-eyed effect and gives me the appearance of being ready to seize the day.” – Lena Park, Junior WriterUrban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Yeyo

	PASTEL EYE SHADOWTHEN: Known as the ’80s prom staple.NOW: Eye shadow has come a long way—new textures are softer and wearable for all skintones.VERDICT: “I was wary that the pale shadow would make me look more clownish than classy, but the shimmery formula and sheer pigments gave my eyes a delicate wash of color that looked chic—and not at all over-the-top.” – Renee Trilivas, Junior WriterDior Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Petal Shine

              Sephora by OPI / Nail Colour in White Hot$9.50
              Sephora by OPI / Nail Treatment - Top Coat$9.50
              Sephora Collection / False Eye Lashes$10.00
              Urban Decay / 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo$19.00
              Dior / 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Petal Shine$60.00
              Sephora by OPI / Nail Colour in Dear Diary$9.50
              Make Up For Ever / Waterproof Lipliner in Light Rosewood$18.00
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