In a world brimming with useful, high-tech gadgets, it is only fitting that our beauty routines evolve to include them. Like, are you still really steaming your face at the sink? Amateur hour! These three revolutionary new beauty gadgets will speed you right in to 2013. 

	While the T3 Source Showerhead Filter looks like any other showerhead, this eight-spray-variation attachment filters out up to 95 percent of chlorine and other chemicals that circulate through our water systems. By converting these chemicals into “harmless elements,” hair health in particular improves, leaving tresses with a purer, softer, frizz-free sheen.

	Setting your curls is retro, but perfecting them with a blow dryer certainly is not (as any naturally curly-haired woman can tell you). Popped on the end of the DevaCurl Dryer, the lightweight, innovative, hand-shaped DevaFuser distributes 360 degrees of hot or cool air that gently dries, sets, and styles curls. Although running the thick green plastic fingers through your hair may take getting used to, the “natural” shape of this diffuser cradles curls to gently and evenly dry hair from the inside out, and underneath the hair from root to tip.     

	For our mothers and grandmothers before them, a face steam usually involved scalding tap water and many, many washcloths. Luckily for us, Dr. Dennis Gross has created Steamer Solutions. Sit back (well, 12 inches away) and enjoy a safe, steady flow of steam that not only hydrates, but also cleanses and exfoliates to give skin a smooth, dewy finish. Recognizing our social needs, Dr. Dennis Gross not only expedites this element of the skincare process, but also has developed a product that can double as a quiet fog machine at your next party. New skin rocks. LENA PARK

              DevaCurl / Dryer & DevaFuser$160.00
              Steamer Solutions / Dr. Dennis Gross$125.00
              T3 / Source Showerhead Filter$130.00
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