Beauty innovator Ole Henriksen wants to throw Truth in your face. After hearing the whimpering cries of dull, defenseless skin, the skincare whiz has developed a formula that offers a powerful solution. Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil is a lightweight, vitamin C–packed oil that leaves skin bright, resilient, and radiant. We put Henriksen’s skincare expertise to the test to find why Truth is stronger than fiction.

	If you have a naturally oily complexion and apply the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil, you’ll have to deploy a rescue rig to save your drowning skin.ANSWER: FALSE!
	Fight oil with oil—it works like a charm.  “It’s a myth that oils are bad for blemishes or oily skin,” Henriksen says. “This oil helps to balance skin by hydrating skin properly, and as a result sebum glands are not overproducing.” 

	The Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil includes rose hip oil to engender the growth of florals on your person and help you achieve your goals of becoming a wood nymph.ANSWER: FALSE!
	While the Pure Truth oil does feature 100% pure rose hip oil, it’s the high concentrations of vitamin C within the ingredient that make it noteworthy. So much so that, according to Henriksen, it is the “pillar antiaging ingredient used across all Ole Henriksen Truth products.”   

	This oil is a lover, not a fighter: it plays well with others, especially moisturizers and serums.ANSWER: TRUE!
	Oils fit into any skin routine. And whether combined with a daily moisturizer or serum for an extra dose of vitamin C or during extreme weather conditions for a soothing boost of radiance, it benefits all skin types. 

	The buzz you’ll be getting from this all-natural cocktail of vitamins A, E, and C will be from friends—and strangers—commenting on how good your skin looks.ANSWER: TRUE!
	The mix of these three vitamins helps to stimulate collagen production, brighten the complexion, and soothe skin.

	Beauty oils are the therapists of skincare: They can help you address the past, present, and future of your issues. ANSWER: TRUE!
	“Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil leaves the skin feeling supple, radiant, and smooth instantly, but also has amazing long-term antiaging results—repairing damaged skin and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles,” says Henriksen. Don’t worry: They may have passed on your freckles and given you a few wrinkles, but there’s probably something left for you to blame on your parents.


              OLE HENRIKSEN / Pure Truth™ Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil$45.00
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