WHO: “Each year we choose one of our heroes as our Model Citizen—someone who’s a model citizen of the world, someone who proves that doing good is a beautiful thing,” says Maran. “We make a limited-edition version of our bestselling beautifiers, and we donate 10% of the sales to the charity of our Model Citizen’s choice. Last year we raised more than $150,000.” This year’s Model Citizen is Ian Somerhalder; the actor and activist is currently building a sanctuary for abused animals in his hometown, New Orleans.”

	WHAT: “We’re making special honey-lavender-chamomile scented versions of some of our most popular items: 100% Pure Argan Oil, Argan Oil Hair Serum, and Argan Body Butter. We gave them a touch of shimmer, too. Ian helped design the packaging. The packaging shows birds in flight, which reflects Ian’s love of freedom for all living creatures,” says Maran.

	HOW: “Ian and I first met when we modeled together in a campaign in the late ’90s, and I’ve followed his career and his activist work ever since,” Maran adds. “I’m a fan—and an admirer!”

	WHY: “There are so many abused, neglected, and mistreated animals in the world,” says Somerhalder. “Some people think that rehabilitating the animal is the last step, but I think it’s just the beginning. The Animal Sanctuary aims to provide opportunities for creatures to continue their journey alongside others who were hurting from mistreatment.”


              Josie Maran / Model Citizen 100% Pure Argan Oil $48.00
              Josie Maran / Model Citizen Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter$35.00
              Josie Maran / Model Citizen Argan Oil Hair Serum $30.00
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