Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is on a mission to make all women look and feel their best. We caught up with her to get the low down on her new book, Pretty Powerful.

	Tell us about your Pretty Powerful campaign.

	Pretty Powerful launched in 2010 as a campaign that summed up my beauty philosophy that all women are pretty, but with the right makeup, they can feel more confident and, therefore, Pretty Powerful.

	How does the book tie into the campaign?

	The book is about conversations and transformations with more than 70 incredible women. It also includes my makeup tips and tricks and personal stories to help women be their best, most authentic selves. I want all women to know that being who you are is the secret to lasting beauty.

	Who is your favorite Pretty Powerful woman right now?

	One of my favorite women in the book is author and motivational speaker Liz Murray, whose power to transform her life is inspiring. When I read her book Breaking Night, I couldn’t put it down – I was so moved by her story of growing up with drug-addicted parents, surviving homelessness and making it to Harvard.

	What was the best beauty advice given to you – and who gave it to you?

	My mother told me to always wear eye cream!

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